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Our Approach

At KW Careers Polk, our values are at the core of everything we do - guiding our behavior and decisions all day, every day. Our integrity keeps us humble and always thinking about who is using our services. Education is a crucial value that we must ensure to integrate in every selling, buying or renting process. Our Free Inspections for Sellers and Financing Options are what keeps us fresh and relevant, and set us apart from the competition.

KW International

We did it again, grabbing the #1 spot in closed units, closed volume, and agent count in 2020!



We are a training and coaching company disguised as a Real Estate company. Consistently ranked as one of the top training organizations in the world, our commitment to education is unparalleled.



Our interdependent and agent-centric model creates a unique culture, that creates a real sense of family and community, that many of our associates believe is the greatest benefit of partnering with our company.



Our marketing and technology are the most innovative in the Real Estate industry with a complete focus on driving our associates' businesses and saving them time and money.



Our KW associates are treated as stakeholders, they share in the profits, can look at the books, have a say in the direction of their company and have a true vested interest in a common goal.

Our Local KW Office

This is a graph of the Top single location brokerages in our MLS! Out of 6,000 brokerages we are #18 in current listing inventory! Many of these brokerages are much larger by agent count! We are doing amazing team! You guys Rock!

Total $ Volume By Office - KW Realty Smart 1 - Winter Haven

Total # New Listings By Office - KW Realty Smart 1 - Winter Haven

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